With these tools, you can design a lot of facades in minutes. Yes, we know, you can’t believe it. But the revolution algorithmic in Architecture is here.

Denvelops & SEEDstudio, invite you to test these tools in your projects.

We are creating various facade tools in a plugin, their name is «DEBB system».

All they are based on the Denvelops patented construction system, and related to BAM ecosystem and methodology (Building Algorithmic Modelling) & Brainstorming Code.


  • DEBB plugin Ver 0.1
  • Examples (ready to be used)
  • DEBB methodology (if you want to design a new facade tool, and integrate with DEBB, and manufacture with DENVELOPS, please read this document)Coming soon…
  • Example of Collections
    • DENVELOPS collections 2021
    • DENVELOPS macrame collection 2021
  • Get DEBB Course (actually only in spanish)


Tutorials, Course, Challanges & Scholarships to create a community of Architecture Smart Skin

  • Geometry
    • Parametric Tool / Rectangle to Circle / Ver 0.1
    • Generative Tool / Free & Polygon (coming soon…)
  • Color
    • 4 Color Pattern (coming soon…)
    • 3 Methods (coming soon…)
  • Smart Skin Course / Architectural smart skin with DENVELOPS system


  • Technical support // If you are a Denvelops Customer and need help with the tools or, if you need a change, please contact through the form.
  • Bugs // For all designers, if you want to report a bug, please comment in the next post.

Fill the next form to download plugin, examples, get course & tutorials, technical support & steps to participate with us to develop these tools if you want, or if you need modify it o create a new tool for your project.

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