SIAS: Offsite Modular Construction System


Description: It is an expert system for offsite modular construction. We want to collaborate to change the rules in the construction sector. To request a demo, call us.

Partners: NIBUG
Year: 2019 – Currently in development
Project Type: Expert System
Area: Construction
Category: I+D+I
Industry: Offiste Construction
Service: Research + Development + Innovation + Marketing
Stage: Functional Prototype, looking for financing & other partners
Barcelona, España


  • SIAS Ver 0.1 / It is a first & smart system for modular offiste construction, but powerfull with futre vision to exponential growing
    • Features
      • Based in parametric & generative technology
      • Algorithms to divide the project in modules, create the structure, walls, forged, soils, windows, to visualize the 3D information in web in real time.
      • Simple Date Base
    • Next Features
      • Improve the algorithms and database with real products and construction systems


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