Yet one more article…

And another article published!
This once in the journal Iranian journal WASJ (World Applied Science Journal).
This is the link:

Abstract: Structural dynamics is a rather complex field of research that concerns to a broad range of disciplines, from structural engineering to graphics animation, robotics or aeronautics. A primary consequence of this is an overwhelming amount of literature on the topic, apparently disconnected, as each author focuses on his / her particular field. To complicate things further, the daunting list of numerical methods severely blurs the scope of the researcher, making it very difficult to understand what their purpose is in each case and even if these are applicable to the analysis of structural behavior. This paper presents a reference framework where researchers and developers from diverse disciplines can assess the main methods currently used in structural dynamics simulation. A direct correlation is made between methods to solve  Ordinary, Partial and Algebraic Differential Equations and their physical counterparts Time, Matter and Constraints. It is also discussed their application in different industries.

Thanks to my mentors, Jaume and Vojko